How it Works

When you join the Operation Key West Partner Program, you will be supplied with a range of emails, banners, text links and social media posts that you can share or post on your website or blog. When a person or business makes a contribution, their activity will be tracked by our software. You will earn a commission for each contribution.

We use the iDevaffiliate tracking system – one of the best in the world to insure that not only are all your sponsorships tracked, but that you get the latest and greatest marketing methods, like QR Codes, customized Facebook posting, customized Tweets, a huge amount of banners and links, and more.

Due to past experiences, and to show you are serious about this venture, we do require a contribution for at least $100. Please make your donation in order to be approved as a Partner.

There has never been a program like this before – where you can contribute to an amazing program AND make money yourself.

Sign up now and go help them — and help yourself.