About Us

OPERATION KEY WEST has been around since 2018, when in an incredible act of generosity, Jimmy McGonigle and his wife, Kathy, (who were already enormous supporters of US soldiers for over 10 years) were sponsoring an event at Fort Belvoir for soldiers that couldn’t get home for Christmas.

After speaking with the staff, including Amy Altersitz, the USO woman in charge of events, they learned that while her husband was serving in a combat area in Iraq several years ago, their 7 year old son passed away.

In a spirit of generosity, they offered to ‘treat’ the Altersitz’s to a week in Key West, Florida, and the idea was born.

After speaking with some people, they were introduced to  Lt. Gen (Ret.) Ronald Blanck, former Surgeon General of the Army and Vice Adm. (Ret.) Harold Koenig, former Surgeon General of the Navy , who were both enthusiastic supporters. 

As the idea grew, more people became involved, and the team learned that there were so many other military families that had lost a child. So they created a unique aspect to this program that would not only benefit the families, but also help individuals and small businesses make some money for helping them to attract more sponsorship dollars. More money = more soldiers and their families helped.

It is important to understand that this is NOT a charity, this is a business. We are in the business of helping soldiers and their families. We are not a ‘non-profit’ or a charity. Sponsorships are not tax-deductible at this time.

As a result of this decision, we have a lot more freedom and less paperwork and minutiae. We also don’t have an enormous overhead, while providing little to no benefit to the soldiers.

There has never been a program like this before – where you can contribute to an amazing program AND make money yourself.

Due to past experiences, and to show you are serious about this venture, we do require a contribution for at least $100. Please make your donation in order to be approved as a Partner.

Sign up now and go help them — and help yourself.